Job Description


Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability

Job Description


Job title:

Clinical Fellow in Neuro-rehabilitation



Salary grade:

Clinical Fellow Grade

Responsible to:

Medical Director

Responsible for:

Provision of a high standard of medical care under consultant supervision

Behavioural Framework:





The RHN is a leading national centre of excellence, providing adult person-centred services that span the entire care pathway from post-acute rehabilitation services to end of life care, for people with complex Neuro-disability and their families, underpinned by a strong research and education programme.  

Overall responsibility of the Junior or Senior Clinical Fellow will be for providing a high standard of medical care under consultant supervision for patients at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability, working as part of a multidisciplinary team and provision of agreed clinical services.

Main Objectives of the Role

  1. Demonstrate an awareness of RHN’s objectives and contribute to achieving them appropriately.
  2. Strive to improve efficiency in all areas of your work.
  3. To provide day-to-day clinical management on designated wards for Neurological rehabilitation department including the Brain Injury Rehabilitation Service and the Ventilation Unit.
  4. To provide out-of-hours on-call cover as pro-rota
  5. To ensure that the medical process from referral to discharge/transfer of the patient is effective and efficient.

Key Responsibilities

  1. To lead the multidisciplinary team in case conferences
  2. To support the assessment processes required prior to admission as requested by Lead Consultants
  3. To provide cover for other medical staff during periods of illness or leave.
  4. To maintain a high standard of medical records.
  5. To be responsible for preparing policy and procedure documentation and setting clinical standards as delegated by the Lead Consultant.
  6. To support negotiations with families carers and patients in respect to their care at the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability and in their adjustment to the impact of disability.
  7. To provide clinical reports to funding and referring authorities as required.
  8. To keep up to date with own Continuous Professional Development, appraisal process as suggested by the General Medical Council and Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability Individual Performance Review recommendations.
  9. To play an active role in teaching/training activities as delegated by the Lead Consultant.
  10.  To play an active role in the development of services, innovation and audits as delegated by the Lead Consultant.

Person specification: Essential and Desirable

  1. Full Registration with GMC - Essential
  2. MRCP or equivalent - Desirable
  3. Experience in the field of neurological rehabilitation or general medicine  - Desirable
  4. Experience working in a multi-disciplinary team and an understanding of the different roles - Essential
  5. An excellent communicator with colleagues, other staff and patients
  6. A team player with high ethical standards and a willingness and ability to actively listen to others
  7. A mature, balanced, reasonable, and assertive when necessary approach - Essential
  8. An interest in the management of severe brain injury - Essential
  9. Ability to conduct audits to complete audit cycle - Essential
  10. Experience in presenting at conferences - Desirable
  11. Previous research experience - Desirable
  12. Familiarity with IT including Word, PowerPoint, Excel - Essential

Employee Behavioural Framework


Working Collaboratively for RHN

Demonstrating our values and working together to deliver the best possible service for patients and customers. 

  • I share information within my team.
  • I will ask for assistance if I need help.
  • I work with my team to resolve problems.
  • I am willing to learn new skills.
  • I offer help to my team if they need it.

Achieving our Potential

Developing our skills and knowledge, reflecting on successes and set-backs, and demonstrating a commitment to development at RHN. 

  • I take personal responsibility for my tasks
  • I seek opportunities for personal development
  • I am willing to carry out new tasks if required
  • I suggest improvements and new ideas
  • I know what I’m good at and where I need to improve.

Preparing for the Future

Looking forwards, reflecting on current activities, accepting change and being part of a culture of continuous learning and improvement.

  • I know what areas I need to improve
  • I am willing to learn to broaden my skills and knowledge
  • I reflect on my team’s successes and challenges
  • I speak up in team meetings and express my views

Leading by Example

Acting as a role model and setting an example that motivates and inspires others at RHN.

  • I take pride in what I do
  • I am punctual
  • I try not to let my team down and ask for support when I need it
  • I’m a good team player
  • I improve my knowledge by learning from others

Committing to our Patients & Customers

Providing high quality patient care and customer service to patients and customers, and treating them with respect, dignity and consideration. 

  • I demonstrate a positive attitude
  • I am proud of the work I do
  • I always promote a positive image of the RHN
  • I respond in a timely manner
  • I share knowledge with my team
  • If I cannot answer a question, I’ll ask my nearest colleague to help

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