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The RHN is a leading national centre of excellence, providing adult person-centred services that span the entire care pathway from post-acute rehabilitation services to end of life care, for people with complex Neuro-disability and their families, underpinned by a strong research and education programme.  

The Domestic Services Department plays a vital role in support of the above by maintaining a pleasant, hygienic and comfortable environment for patients via the provision of high quality domestic services.

The department provides a cleaning service to wards, departments, communal areas and staff residences as well as an internal postal and a central wash up service.  It employs approximately 45 members of staff through the combination of permanent, bank and agency domestic staff.

Additionally, a housekeeping service is provided at ward level via the employment of Ward Technicians, who are responsible for the provision of food and beverage, kitchen hygiene and clean laundry distribution services.

Main Objectives of the role

  • To assist with the provision of a clean, safe and comfortable environment that ensures a positive experience for service users and reflects the values of the organisation.
  • To assist with the delivery of a high standard food service, clean laundry distribution and maintaining hygiene standards in ward kitchens.
  • The preparation and service of beverages and patient meals in the accordance with cook chill guidelines and training given.
  • The completion of documentation relating to food service equipment and food temperatures at ward level in line with current food safety regulations.

Key Responsibilities

  • Work in accordance with the day to day tasks and activities, as per work schedules.
  • Ensure ward kitchens and equipment are cleaned to the required standard, as per cleaning schedules.
  • To be responsible for checking food delivered by Catering Department against menus, taking and recording of temperatures at point of delivery and taking the appropriate action against any shortfalls with catering when food is delivered.
  • Ensure all food temperatures are recorded and all food (including ward provisions) are stored correctly and in accordance with food safety regulations.
  • Use all kitchen and food service equipment safely and in accordance with training given.
  • Check, sort, distribute and store clean clothing belonging to patients in personal wardrobes / drawers. 
  • Ensure compliance with mandatory training.  Attend other relevant training, as directed.
  • Ensure compliance with all Hospital policies and procedures.
  • Report any accidents or near misses or unsafe situations, so appropriate action can be taken.
  • Treat patients, visitors and staff with dignity and respect.
  • Undertake any other duties appropriate to the role / as requested by line management.

 Person specification: Essential and Desirable

  • Able to contribute to Domestic Service / organisational aims and objectives.
  • Able to engage with the RHN IPR process that identifies own personal and development training needs.
  • Able to conduct self in a professional manner towards all service users and management.
  • Understand the importance of ensuring confidentiality at all times in accordance with data protection, hospital policy and good practice.
  • Be reliable, willing and conscientious and have the ability to work flexibly either individually or as part of a team.
  • Be experienced in or able to demonstrate a good understanding of excellent customer service, together with good verbal communication and interpersonal skills.
  • Punctuality / a good timekeeper.
  • Be able to problem solve with support / use own initiative.
  • Have the ability to be reflective and self- critical and be able to take constructive criticism positively.
  • To be able to read and understand to the required standard.

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Ward Technician

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